Cheese Weasel Button Men

This is the Cheese Weasel Button Men. We have obtained the license from the good folks over at Cheapass Games. He made quite the stir at Origins 2004, pick him up and give him a try.

His dice are 6, 8, 12, 16, and 20. He has the Special Ability - The Power of Cheese - which reads "Once per round, before taking his turn, the Cheese Weasel may re-roll one of his own dice that shows a value matching one of his opponent's dice, OR he may re-roll one of his opponent's dice that shows a value matching one of his own."

Cheese Weasel Tagline: "The Cheese Weasel is a clever and cunning rodent, bent on quiet world domination. He likes cheese (duh!), any opportunity for eating cheese, stealing cheese...and beating people up if they attempt to come between him and his cheese."

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Cheese Weasel Button Men $3.00 + s/h